8 steps to increasing Conversion.
1. Planning a. Identify best customer type: You need to determine who the best customers are and what their profile is. It is possible that your site is getting lots of traffic, however, you are attracting the wrong type of visitors? Once a clear understanding of the "right" type of customer is understood, we can review your current site to determine if it supports this and make changes to improve it.
b. Click through analysis: Where are the best customers coming from and how do they traverse the web site? Are you keeping their interest? Have you provided them with a clear path to conversion, a purchase, download or contact information?
c. Design Elements: Does the design and copy meet the needs of the users? Does the site generate the call to action to provide the momentum to get to the next page or mouse click?
d. Fixing problem paths: Are there areas where the customer is getting stuck or having to redo steps over and over again? Have you noticed sections where the abandon rate is high? Pay close attention to the check out and registration process.
2. The Proposition
3. Traffic Analysis
4. Customer Care
5. Long Term Value
6. Usability Testing
7. Feedback Loops
8. Go to step one

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