75 out of a 100 visitors leave within one minute because
Example: Let's look at 100 potential new visitors.
A hundred potential new visitors enter your web site but statistics show that only 3% of them are making a purchase. Let's first segment this group into 3 distinct groups of visitors so we can understand their needs. Our best chance of making a web sale is with group number 1, followed by group 2 and then group 3.

Web Visitors are:

  1. People ready to make a purchase and know what they are looking for. They are looking for the best price, fastest delivery or other elements that will allow them to be comfortable making a final purchase over the web. They have a goal in mind to complete.
  2. People who are investigating options for new purchases and are not ready to make a purchase. They are just gathering information and doing research.
  3. People browsing the Internet. Spontaneous purchaser or chance buyer.

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